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05.10.2010 - Sid Meier's Pirates For Wii Released (5)
20.10.2009 - Skin Almost Done (3)
15.10.2009 - Forum Upgraded! (5)
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ATP Features


Ahh, items! Sword, hourglass, 3-stringed fiddle… How nice! But, how do you acquire them, and what do they do? Well, items can be bought at taverns or given as rewards from governour-daughters.

There is almost always two types of each item, one basic and one superior. The superior item is an upgrade to the basic item, and you have to have the basic item before purchasing / acquiring the superior item.

When you upgrade, the old item is lost. The only items that doesn't follow this upgrade "theory" is the different nation maps, and the ruby ring / diamond necklace.

If you notice anything that's wrong / missing, please use the feedback-form so I can fix it as fast as possible :)

You can also download a guide here - by Kevin Scully
Basic Items
Superior Items
Balanced Sword Allows quicker dueling moves Perfectly Balanced Rapier
Calfskin Boots Increases your dancing skill Dancing Slippers
False Mustache Makes it easier to trade with enemy nations Theatrical Disguise
French Chapeau Guarantees you an invitation to the ball Ostrich Feather Hat
Fencing Shirt (puffy) Allows quicker dueling moves Silk Fencing Shirt
Quality Spyglass Improves visibility at sea Fine Telescope
Golden Cross Increases your standing with missionaries Sacred Relic
Leather Vest Provides protection in duels Metal Cuirass
Medicinal Herbs Helps preserve your health Indian Mystic Salve
One-Shot Pistol Lets you fire a shot to distract the enemy before the duel Brace of Pistols
Ruby Ring Used as a gift to the governor daughters Diamond Necklace
Shrunken Head Increases your standing with indians Carved Shaman Stick
Signal Mirror Allows signaling nearby ships when stranded Signaling Flare
Lockpicking Kit Used to escape from prison Skeleton Key
Three-stringed Fiddle Increases morale on long voyages Concertina
Weather Glass Aids sailing near storms Precision Barometer
Books / Maps

Dutch Rutter

Provides information of settlements
Spanish Rutter Provides more information of settlements


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